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Female Hypnotherapy Patient

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About Axiom Academy

We are a Nottinghamshire and online  based training academy that takes great pride in not only offering the very highest quality of training in Hypnotherapy but also the support in creating a successful business.  Your success really is our biggest goal!

Many other courses teach the fundamentals of Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner training but often students then struggle to create a successful business if they are lacking the knowledge to do this.  Not with us!

As standard we offer an online business training course and six months mentoring post graduation so we are there with you every step of the way.

Student Feedback

I really loved Charlotte’s teaching style.  Relaxed, confident, funny and of course, knowledgeable and passionate about her subject.  Charlotte’s personality shines through making me feel relaxed.  Charlotte has a natural way to make people feel important and capable, patient and light hearted.  Charlotte is so passionate about her subject and welcomes sharing her knowledge to help others succeed.  I always felt relaxed and really looked forward to the teaching sessions.  I knew afterwards I would feel happy from laughing, knowledgeable and capable to use what I had learnt.  

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